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Improve your Ecommerce Effectiveness

with our Ecommerce Sales Improvement Programs

Here are just some of the areas we can improve on your ecommerce site:

  • Navigation
  • Page Layout
  • Email Capture
  • User Involvement
  • Product Presentation
  • Selling Techniques
  • Shopping Experience
  • Upselling
  • Checkout Process
  • Trigger Emails

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Are you satisfied with your web site performance?

Can potential customers find you online? Once they get to your site, are they staying and exploring? Can they navigate easily and quickly find what they need? Most importantly, are they buying your products or using your services?

Finding out what's wrong is the first step to improvement.

With our Website Critique, you get a complete evaluation of the critical areas that directly effect your online success and you'll receive detailed recommendations for making improvements. You can then decide to implement them yourself or let us do it for you with our Total Web Site Renovation.

The best marketing investment you can make.

Your web site will be evaluated according to Amy Africa's recommended online marketing practices. She is recognized worldwide as a leading expert in e-commerce and web site design based on current usability studies

Website Sales Improvement Critique

We will identify all of the potential Conversion Improvements on your website. We will give you an organized listing of the potential improvements by page and area and then prioritize these improvements based on ROI.

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Website Sales Improvement Recommendations

We will do Website Conversion Improvement Critique and then provide detailed recommendations on exactly how to implement the improvements that we have identified. This will not only give you the logic for the change but creative and design recommendations. These recommendations are very extensive and because the improvements may be very extensive, they serve as both a short-term and long-term reference to guide through implementation.

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Our Sales Improvement Recommendations
will cover the following areas:

  • Home Page/Entry Page Key Elements
    • Calls to Action
    • Copy/Design
    • Page Design
    • Product Presentation
    • Top Category/Sub-Category Orientation
    • SEO Applications
    • Promotional Banners
    • Pop-ups and Action Devices
    • Personalization and Cookies
    • Email Address Capture
  • Navigation – Critical Area
    • Design Structure
    • Top Orientation
    • Redundancy
    • Advance Navigation
  • Search Function
    • Presentation
    • Functionality
    • Results Relevance
    • Results Flexibility
  • Product Presentation
    • Best Seller Prominence
    • Benefit Oriented
    • Action Oriented
  • Selling Techniques
    • Action Devices
    • Sales Orientation
    • Incentives to Buy
    • Cross-Selling
    • Up-Selling
    • Continuity program
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout Process
    • Shopping Cart Effectiveness
    • View Cart Page Optimization
    • Efficient Checkout Steps
    • Order Confirmation
    • Catalog Quick Order
    • Express Checkout
  • Drill Down Pages
    • Category Page Presentation
    • Sub-Category Page Presentation
    • Product Detail Page Presentation
    • Major Form Pages
    • Sale Pages
  • Personalization
    • How to Use Cookies
    • Use of Pop-ups and Trigger Emails
    • Adapting Site to Various Traffic
    • Using Past Experience to Sell
    • Setting Strong Testing Programs
  • Trigger Email Program
    • Abandoned Cart program
    • Order Follow-up
    • Inquiry Conversion
    • Customer Reactivation
    • Customer Service
  • Thrust Email Program
    • Promoting Email Sign-up
    • Segmentation
    • Strong Frequency
    • Design Presentation
  • Other Important Areas
    • Mobile Applications
    • Social Media Interface
    • Micro Site Development

Improve your web site performance dramatically.

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